A prayer from Psalm 119:1-14

Posted by Kyle Page on

A prayer from Psalm 119:1-14 (on 1-19)


Thank you for generously providing your word to us.  We live in a nation with overflowing access to Bibles and Bible resources while so many live in places with little or no access.  Please help us never to take the Bible for granted.  Give us a constant hunger for your word as if we haven't had anything to eat in days.  Everyday open our eyes to see and appreciate its beauty.  Meditating on your word reveals stunning truth to us like staring at a flawless diamond from every possible angle. 

We confess how easily we become distracted.  Our short attention spans and misplaced priorities keep us from your book.  Forgive us Lord.  Daily we need your Spirit to motivate us and discipline us to seek you through your word.  We acknowledge that  those who live according to your instruction discover true happiness, purity, and a rich relationship with you.  

We praise you for your patience and continuing to share yourself with us.  You promise you will never abandon us.  You pursue us even when we neglect time with you.  For this reason your word is our delight.  You have taken the load of failure and all the ways we don't measure up and have placed them on Jesus when he died in our place.  Jesus, even as we strayed away from the Father's will you perfectly obeyed.  It would be impossible to adequately express our thanks for what you have done for us.  You have given us a way to enjoy God and seek his presence through his word.  We will worship you forever.  Amen.