A Thanksgiving Prayer Guide From Psalm 100

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A Thanksgiving Prayer Guide from Psalm 100

Lord, if everyone on the entire face of the earth lifted up their voices in worship all at once they would not give you the praise that you deserve.  Thank you for your grace and mercy in sending your Son to die for all the scattered children of God, to bring them together into one.

  • For this reason we pray for today’s unreached people group that they would be able to join the chorus of the redeemed in praise and worship – (The Maranao, Lanao of the Philippines)

You do not desire our obligation and duty.  You desire our glad giving and joyful service.  Enable us to worship you 24/7 as a lifestyle and make sacrifices of praise in our hearts constantly. 

We acknowledge that we belong to you.  We come to you right now as wandering sheep returning to their shepherd.  Take care of us and our needs because we can’t take care of ourselves. 

  • Here are some of my needs for today_______________________________________________

Today, I come to you expressing my sincere thanks and praise because your love for me never changes or runs out. 

  • Here are some things that I want to especially thank you for today__________________________________________________________________________