Why I'm Thankful For My Church

Posted by Kyle Page on with 2 Comments

Philippians 1:3, "Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God (NLT)."

I pray for my church, Pleasant View Baptist Church, everyday. I also thank God for my church daily. Here are a few things I'm very thankful for about my church (in no particular order)...

• My church is good to families - I know my children are cared for and I also know I will be supported as a Christian parent.
• My church is generous - Whenever a need is made known to our members they will rise to meet that need.
• My church respects leadership - As a young pastor I appreciate that our church will follow leadership as long as the leader is following God.
• My church has great senior adults - Our seniors are wonderful people of God who are willing to accept change if it means a new generation coming to know Jesus.
• My church has a great staff - I'm so blessed to work with such a capable team that desires to be pleasing to God and help equip our church.
• My church is hungry for the truth - I know I have the freedom, support, and encouragement to preach the truth of God's word from the pulpit.
• My church is on mission - Pleasant View wants people to experience salvation and it shows in our ministries, mission efforts, prayers, and lives.
• My church is gifted - I know every church is equipped with spiritual gifts but our church definitely has an abundance of talent.
• My church is maturing - There are many spiritually mature people in our church and many others who are growing.
• My church is sacrificial - There are so many volunteers who give of themselves week after week to make our ministries successful.


Anonymous February 13, 2016 2:19pm

Bro Kyle all these are true. I am so happy you have the freedom in Christ and in the Church to be the leader God has placed you in.

Reta July 10, 2017 5:40pm

I agree totally with everything you said about our church. We are so blessed to be part of this wonderful family of believers. I thank God that He led us to Pleasant View.