At Pleasant View we desire to make disciples of Jesus.  Discipleship isn't so much of a ministry as it is the aim of everything we purpose to do. 

The Discipleship Pathway outlines five steps for spiritual growth we hope every member of our church takes.  The Discipleship Pathway gives clear steps to help a believer grow in their faith.  At Pleasant View we offer numerous opportunities for spiritual growth but these five steps are most essential.  As you review the pathway ask yourself, "What steps am I on in the pathway?  What step(s) do I need to take moving forward?" 


Overwhelmed by the love of God, Pleasant View Baptist Church exists to share Jesus with people and help them to follow Him (See Matthew 28:18-20 and Matthew 22:34-40).


1.  Worship Service -

A follower of Jesus should gather together weekly with their local church family for worship, prayer, and teaching/preaching of the word of God. 

2.  Life Group

A Life Group of 5 - 15 people is the starting point for relationships, spiritual growth, and service inside and outside the church. 

3.  Private Disciplines

A follower of Jesus should learn healthy spiritual practices to help them grow in Godliness, starting with daily Bible reading and prayer. 

4.  D Groups

D groups are gender exclusive groups of 3-5 people who meet for approximately one year for accountable relationships, prayer, Bible study, and Scripture memorization. 

5.  Discover Your Calling

A follower serves others as Jesus did, and seeks to share the Gospel in their community and beyond. God calls every Christian to find specific ways they can serve others inside and outside the church.