3 for 3


What is 3 for 3?
The purpose of 3 for 3 is to get to know and build deeper relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ within our church and to reach out to people who don’t have a church home or don’t know Christ.

What is a 3 for 3 group?
When you sign up, as an individual or as a family, you will be placed in a 3 for 3 group. For example a group could be…
o A couple in their mid 20s with small children
o A single person in their 50s
o An older couple in their 80s

How does it work?
Once a month for three months your group will get together for a group activity. 3 for 3 groups can also be a way to reach out to people who aren’t Christians or those who don’t have a church home by inviting them to your group’s activity. An activity could be a picnic at the church shelter or a park, a dinner in a home or a restaurant, a game night, meeting for breakfast before church, or going to Dairy Queen for ice cream.

How can my family and I get involved?
If you have any questions please see Bro. Kyle or Pam Cook.