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Sep 28, 2014

Being a part of a family

Preacher: Kyle Page

Series: I Am A Church Member

Category: Church

Keywords: church, membership, fellowship, discipleship


Pt. 1 - I am a Church Member: Being a Part of a Family
Matthew 12:46-50

--- Anyone who trusts in Jesus is part of His family…

• This means our relationship with Jesus takes priority
o Extra Verse – Matthew 10:37
• This means our relationship with Jesus helps our family relationships
o Extra Verses – Ephesians 5:22-23, 25
• This means we should love the church like a family

--- Action Steps…

1. Influence your own family to love their church family
2. Treat your church like a family
3. Invite other people to be a part of the family

--- Questions for application and reflection

What is something in your life you have allowed to compete with God as your first priority?
What is something practical you can do to show a family member love?
What is something simple you can do to show someone in your church family love?
Who is someone you can share Jesus with or invite to church?