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Aug 09, 2015

Pt. 2 What if?..What if I get sick?

Preacher: Kyle Page

Series: What If..?


Sermon: “What If...What if I get Sick?
Sermon Scripture: Psalm 38

1. The experience of sickness (Psalm 38)


2. The Cause of Sickness (Psalm 38:3,
Romans 8:12)


3. The Cure for Sickness (Isaiah 53:4-5, Matthew 4:23-25, Romans 8:11, 18)

Questions for Reflection

1) Do you have any worries about getting sick?
If so, express them to God in prayer.

2) Read James 1:2-3. What should our attitude be towards suffering in general? What does this tell us about God’s purposes in allowing suffering?

3) Read Romans 12:15. When someone else is going through a hard time how should we treat them?